Our Mission

Many children are not offered the opportunity to really explore their creative desires in their school or home setting.

In particular, photography can be an expensive hobby and without the funds to buy a camera it can be a difficult art form to access.

Children are naturally creative thinkers. They are capable of producing a huge range of creative ideas — freely, generously, and without the inner critic dialogue that we experience as adults.

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We enable children to experience something outside of what is usual for a child of their background.

We know that when a child is given the opportunity to follow a creative passion, it can change the course of their lives in a hugely positive way. Lives in Focus is here to bring about change. Changing lives, challenging the norm and opening the eyes of our young people to focus on what will make them happy.

We run workshops all over the UK and world offering young people the opportunity to learn how to use a camera. We teach them a range of skills including the technical side of taking a good picture but also the creative side of good light, good composure and story telling through photography.

For many of the children we work with, this will be the first time they have ever picked up a camera and the transformation can be monumental.

It doesn’t just stop there though. Part of our mission is social change. We strive to join the dots between their creative endeavours and a social gain for their community or school. By working with us these children will be able to create pieces of art that are then sold to members of the public across the UK and worldwide.

The profit from the artwork goes directly to the community of the artist to be spent on a pre-determined project. This can be anything from school books to tables and chairs to a teachers salary or even a running water tap.

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